Calvary Baptist Church

Erwin, TN

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About Us

Erwin, TN

Calvary Baptist Church

540 Adams St.
Erwin, TN 37650
phone (423) 743-4926
fax (423) 743-0117

Email: [email protected]


Service Times

  • Sunday Morning 
    • Bible study at 9:45am
    • Preaching/Worship at 11:00pm
  • Sunday Evening
    • ADULTS Preaching/Worship at 6:30pm
    • YOUTH in Worship service
    • CHILDREN Bible Study at 6:30pm
  • Wednesday
    • ADULTS Bible Study/Prayer service at 6:30pm
    • YOUTH Bible Study at 6:30pm
    • CHILDREN AWANA at 6:00pm


Senior Pastor: David Crutchfield ([email protected])
Office Assistant: Shannon Higginbotham ([email protected])
Youth/Associate Pastor: Justin Ciralsky  ([email protected])
Children's Director: Terri Graham ([email protected])
Music Leader: Gary Amos
Organist: Ginger Dalton
Pianist: Phyllis Bennett
Custodian: Bernie Jones
Security: Ralph Sparks


     Bernie, Gary, David, Ralph, Shannon, Terri, Carolyn, Ginger, Phyllis


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